It was established primarily to make available the guide needed for the yearning students Looking for admission to tertiary institution locally. In that regard, qualified teachers were sourced and best approach methodology of teaching technique utilized.

This power of reason developed the psychology our students, and a lot got admission to tertiary institution. Today, a lot of them are performing excellently in their chosen career Mainly as Lawyers, Doctors, and Engineers.

The drive did not stop, we embarked on setting pace by organizing international qualifying examinations tutorial for our students to extend their horizon to global world

Of education. Test examinations like Cambridge O’ and A’,SAT[scholarship aptitude test],TOEFL[Test of English as a Foreign Language],GRE[ Graduate record examination],GMAT[Graduate management aptitude test] for higher degree students, and IELTS[International English Language Testing System].

This purposeful drive has empowered the students to commence their journey for social and economic transformation. With this strength, necessity established STUDENT TRAVEL HELP which caters for college/university placement abroad.
STUDENT TRAVEL HELP is an educational consultancy

We have over ten (10) years of experience in students’ admission placement, student visa counselling and processing. Equipping us for the work is strong, dynamic and capable academic staff ever ready for good academic performance. Administratively, we are excellent.

At Student Travel Help, we render a wide range of services that include products from advisory, consulting, registration, profiling, international admission procurement and packaging, registering and booking of international tests, international test administration and sales of books and materials of international tests.
STH, as we are mostly called by our students offers services ranging from consulting, especially with regard to consulting for and on behalf of several international institutions of higher learning and examination bodies. We represent many universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Asia. To the Nigerian candidates we offer advisory services on choice of colleges/universities to study, taking into consideration the candidates academic profile, his/her financial status and other parameters for reference.